Called the main mistake women on a first date


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TV presenter and matchmaker from the “let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova lamented the fact that the probability to “meet the right man who would call, set a date finally came for him, is negligible”. In a post to Instagram she also warned the Russians from the “main error” on a first date with a man.

According to Sabitova, a man calling only one fifth of the women whose numbers he recorded. The matchmaker said that a call from a man is not a guarantee of a successful meeting: “Date may not occur because of the inability to choose the time: the woman is too busy, he’s busy, or both are not willing to make the effort to meet.”

Teleshko assured women that their goal on the first date — “do not make a major mistake: to show consumer attitude to the man.” According to Sabitova, a date will be successful if the woman demonstrate “the ability to be nice” and not show that it considers man as a “lease option-investment project”. In this case the explicit form of this she called the requirement of full payment of joint expenses, and the latent demand gifts, works around the house and cover “all possible expenses”.

Earlier in June, Sabitova urged women with the dignity to respond to men’s compliments and to answer them. She also asked women to list the most ridiculous compliments that they received from members of the opposite sex.

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