Coronavirus caused the man to cross the ocean to meet the father


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A man went to a single three-month voyage to meet with his father after over coronavirus canceled all international flights. It is reported by People.

In March, 47-year-old Juan Manuel (Juan Manuel) was on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo, and the rest of his family remained at home in Argentina. Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, the local authorities decided to prohibit all international flights, and the man has long been away from loved ones.

Manuel was very worried that Argentina left his elderly father Carlos Alberto Ballestero (Carlos Alberto Ballestero), and decided to swim to the Motherland across the Atlantic ocean on his sailing boat. “I was ready to do anything for family,” admitted the man. To decide on such a risky journey, he was helped by the lessons of father’s seafaring.

On the road the man stopped several times in the ports to replenish the food and fill the boat with fuel. Towards the end of the trip he was caught in a violent storm and was forced to make an additional stop in Brazil. Because of this, his trip was extended and in total, lasted for 85 days. “Despite all the difficulties, I have never had the idea to give up or to return to Portugal,” admitted Manuel. To get rid of bad thoughts, in the way he listened to radio and enjoyed the beauty of nature.

Wednesday, June 17, Manuel finally arrived in Argentina. Before the long-awaited meeting with the family man passed the test for the coronavirus. Having received negative result, he immediately went to congratulate the father with the past 90th anniversary. Despite the heavy 85-day journey, Manuel looking forward to the new release into the ocean.

Earlier it was reported about the inhabitant of great Britain, which, despite severe illness, the fastest crossed the Atlantic ocean on a rowing boat. The woman set sail to draw attention to charities, which she founded.

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