Determined the share of Russians leaving a tip


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

The majority of Russians (71 per cent) tips to service sector professionals — repairer, manicure, barbers, plumbers, electricians, couriers and others. The corresponding results shown by the survey of the service YouDo which was available to RT.

Thus, almost half of citizens (42 per cent) on the average leaves a reward in the amount of 50-100 rubles. Just over a third of respondents give the professionals 100-200 rubles. The amount of tip every tenth Respondent exceeded 200 rubles, about the same leave less than 50 rubles.

It turned out that regularly tip a quarter of Russians. Another 46 percent of the citizens do this from time to time. Never leave the remuneration of the employees of the service sector almost a third (29 per cent) of respondents.

Most Russians leave the tip couriers — 65%, in second place was the hairdressers and Barbera — them so thanks half of the survey participants. Followed by manicure and pedicure (33 per cent), plumbing (25 percent), repairman (24 per cent), electricians (22 percent), massage therapists (13%) and cleaners (13%).

Least often the tea is left to the Tutors, nannies, makeup artists, and stylists. The survey polled 3.1 thousand Russians.

In may 2019, it became known that the Russian employees of municipal and public services leave a tip to taxi drivers rarely members of other professions 44 percent of officials admitted that they never pay excess amount. Not inclined to be generous the IT employees (41%) and education (40 percent). While most taxi drivers to tea give farmers and other agricultural workers (37 percent), representatives of the automotive industry (28 per cent) and employees in tourism (26 percent).

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