Dr. Myasnikov called the way to reduce the risk of cancer


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The broadcaster and doctor Alexander Myasnikov called the way to reduce the risk of cervical cancer and some other types of cancer. In the program “About the main thing” on the channel “Russia 1” he advised the audience to be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus. Record of issue posted on YouTube.

According to Myasnikov, cervical cancer is a disease that “almost 100 percent of cases is caused by the human papilloma virus”. The doctor said that HPV can cause other cancers, including in men.

He added that the virus causes cancer in about ten years after getting into the body. The “healthy women with normal immunity, the virus cleared after one or two years.”

The main risk of infection butchers called frequent change of sexual partners. The doctor noted that the condom does not protect against HPV, “Here he put his hand on my shoulder and the virus may already be.”

The doctor drew the attention of the audience on what to protect from the virus and caused by them types of cancer are capable of inoculation. “The paradox of the situation is that every year 250 thousand women die from cervical cancer. It is an absolutely paradoxical situation, because the human papilloma virus there is a vaccine,” — said Myasnikov.

“It is necessary that 60 percent of girls were vaccinated. In Australia, where the grafted about the same, and in America (where 40 per cent) went down sharply penile cancer in men. Women previas, protect their partners,” — said the doctor said that the HPV vaccination is the only vaccination acting from cancer. He drew attention to the fact that in countries with high vaccination cervical cancer has ceased to be the most frequently diagnosed gynecologic cancer.

“We’re all afraid of COVID, all the media are running high, so much struggle, and about this we don’t even think. Half a million cases, four million deaths every year. Gather for several years,” concluded butcher. The doctor noted that the most opportune time for vaccination is age 9 to 13 years.

Earlier, on 30 June the chief oncologist of Ministry of health of Russia, Director General, National medical research center of radiology, academician of RAS Andrey Kaprin said that over the past five years, the incidence of cancer in Russia increased by almost 12 percent. According to Kaprina, the increase can be attributed to changes in accounting system and statistics.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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