Dying of cancer, the teenager responded to questions about the pain and last wish


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14-year-old with the nickname fuck_brain_cancer10 published a Reddit post in which he said that he would die from brain cancer for three weeks. In this regard, he invited users to ask him any question.

The user AlarmmClock asked the author of the post, whether it is physical pain because of illness. Fuck_brain_cancer10 said that it is not manifested in any way, if not to take into account headaches and migraines. The user also asked a question about what was the first sign of cancer. “I was throwing up for a while and mom thought I ate something wrong. Then I complained about headaches. We went to the hospital and found out about the diagnosis,” replied the narrator.

User djc1000 asked whether fuck_brain_cancer10 wish list that he wanted to implement before his death. “Not at all. I have no last wishes. Just want to live in the moment” — shared the young man.

Some wanted to help the dying teen to make the last days memorable. “If you want to fly, just text me. I’m sorry,” said the user Picklemerick23.

Fuck_brain_cancer10, talking about how he was able to accept the situation, I noticed that much worried about my mother. “I think it would hurt. She already lost my brother in 2011. He died due to an infection. When I was four, and he’s three. I do not remember it well. But I am very sad for the mother, sister and father,” shared user. He noted that he had read a lot of articles about people who shared their thoughts shortly before his death. “I find it comforting to think that life after death exists,” he said.

TableForkTheThird asked the guy what he represents your last words, what fuck_brain_cancer10 said: “Delete my browser history”. Commentators supported the dying narrator and admired his ability to stay positive even in such a time.

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