Europe considered the U.S. and China is dangerous because of the coronavirus


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The European Union considered the US a dangerous country due to high level of coronavirus infection COVID-19. According to BBC News, the United States officially was not included in the list of States whose citizens will soon be able to cross European borders.

The EU, after consultation called 14 countries, the entrance of which will be allowed from 1 July. “Safe” from an epidemiological point of view is recognized as Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Canada, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, Montenegro, South Korea and Japan.

At this stage in the list besides Russia is not included USA and China. If Beijing expect reciprocal agreements, then to Washington there is no requirement. EU member States explain the lack of the United States in the listing that there were the greatest number that infected by coronavirus and died from it, as well as the recent rise in the incidence.

Diplomats assure that the decision is not politicized and based on scientific evidence and the desire to ensure the safety of Europeans. The EU also claim that a list of “safe” countries will be reviewed every two weeks.

The main criterion for getting into this list is the situation with coronavirus infection, which should be similar or better than in the EU. To the citizens of “safe” countries put forward an abstract compliance with prevention measures. The specific recommendations of the host country develop their own, writes CNN.

The wound on 30 June, it was reported that at least 14 American States refused to mitigate the limitations due COVID-19 in connection with the increase in the number of infected.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University in the US were more than 2.68 million cases of infection with coronavirus. Nearly 130 thousand have died from complications related to pneumonia COVID-19.

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