For those tired of the protests in Hong Kong decided to build a city in Europe


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Victoria Harbour Group developer-magnate Iwan Ko (Ivan Ko) decided to build a private city in Europe for those Hong Kong residents who are tired of protests and political uncertainty. This writes The Telegraph.

China threatens the government of the special administrative region of Hong Kong, because of what millions of people think about moving, the newspaper writes. “We want to give Hong Kongers the opportunity to leave him, but to live, work and build their families in those countries which are democratic and free,” said Ko, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the developer RECAS.

The city will be Autonomous, with its socio-economic and political system that is built into the life of the country on whose territory is located. It is planned that one half of the metropolis populated Hong Kong and the other inhabitants of the country, where you’ll see the city. According To estimates, this figure will amount to about two million people.

At the moment Victoria Harbour Group is looking for vacant land in different countries. The object I want to build this year, and all the necessary infrastructure — 2021-m Funds for construction are received from investors from Hong Kong and Silicon valley. The rest of the money will be collected at the design stage.

As a speaking To, his company is negotiating with four Western governments, the main interest is Ireland. In February 2020, was to meet with the authorities of this country, but it was postponed because of the quarantine. The UK also is “reasonably realistic” option adds the tycoon.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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