In China, revealed potentially dangerous to humans swine flu



Chinese scientists have identified a new type of swine flu that could potentially become dangerous for people and trigger a new pandemic. About it writes The Independent.

A new strain called H1N1 G4 EA. He was identified on the basis of 30 thousand strokes from the nose of a pig, which were taken in slaughterhouses across the country. According to scientists, the virus is a mix of avian influenza and H1N1, which in 2009 claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

According to the study, the disease was detected in 10 provinces of the country. In addition, antibodies to G4 found in the blood of 10 percent of the employees of the pig farms. Infectious disease specialists is advisable not to neglect the study of new viruses. “The flu can surprise us”, — said evolutionary biologist Marta Nelson.

Earlier, the Russian medic said that the danger of coronavirus exceeds the danger known forms of influenza. According to him, the mortality of “heavy” patients COVID-19 is much higher than among patients with other types of viruses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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