In the United States noted differences in the actions of the GRU and the official policy of Russia


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The actions of the employees of the Main intelligence Directorate (GRU which is now the Main Directorate of the General staff of the Russian armed forces) often run counter to the official policy of the country. The attention it drew CNN polled experts after it appeared in the media that the Russian military intelligence allegedly secretly offered to pay for the murder of American soldiers by militants of the extremist movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) in Afghanistan.

According to experts, the GRU officers may indeed be involved, as had previously been involved in political scandals, for example, in the case of the poisoning of the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in British Salisbury or breaking mailboxes of the representatives of the US Democratic party. However, this time, said the head of the Asia division at International crisis group Laurel Miller (Laurel Miller), the operation of the Russian intelligence, if it actually took place, contrary to the official position of Russia.

As explained by Miller, although it is known that Moscow has maintained contacts with the Taliban, the Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly said they are hoping for an early start of negotiations between the warring parties in Afghanistan and a peaceful settlement of the conflict. Against this background, the alleged actions of the GRU look too provocative and do not fit into the typical behavior of Russia. “This is contrary to the official policy of Russia”, — said the expert. In particular, in her opinion, such operation could lead to new sanctions against Moscow.

At the same time, according to the Vice-President for studies, Carnegie endowment for international peace Andrew Weiss (Andrew Weiss), GRU is not the first time conducting operations with serious political implications for Moscow. According to the expert, Russian intelligence already has a reputation as a cocky player and can act independently from the Kremlin. Weiss also noted that GRU shows a careless approach to its operations.

On 26 June, the newspaper The New York Times, citing US intelligence agencies reported that the Russian military intelligence allegedly secretly offered to pay for the murder of American soldiers. Thus, Moscow wanted to disrupt the peace negotiations, the U.S. and the Taliban, says the publication. American President Donald trump said that he was not informed “about the so-called Russian attacks on our troops in Afghanistan.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov considered absurd accusations against Moscow.

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