Increased activity of Russians to vote on amendments to the Constitution


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4 days after the start of voting on amendments to the Constitution, a growing number of Russians who are planning to come to the stations until June 30. To such conclusion analysts of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM). The results of a survey of Russians published on the website of the centre.

More than half of respondents (51 percent) said they plan to vote before 30 June, 25 percent of them already did.

70 percent expressed the view that the main voting day (July 1) plots will be a lot of people. 74 per cent of the population believe that the measures to ensure sanitary safety of voters, will be sufficient, and 9 percent even consider them redundant. 7 percent said they probably insufficient, others are undecided.

The majority of Russians (81%) say that people come to vote on their own initiative, 15 percent believe. that they would be forced. While 72 percent of respondents involved in such activities are called civil duty of man, and 26 percent private matter.

Respondents also said why they fill out their ballots. The majority evaluates it as an opportunity to protect its interests and the interests of the family (66%), someone to this formulation adds the ability to affect the future of the country. That these statements probably is not about them, say 19 and 13 percent, respectively.

Earlier, the Russians called the most important amendments to the Constitution. Among them are social and “Patriotic”. The first relate to the size of the minimum wage, indexation of pensions, free medical care, and “Patriotic” — a ban to officials to own property abroad, the ban to negotiate the transfer of territory, the priority of the Constitution over international treaties and agreements.

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