Kadyrov called for the election of Putin as President for life


www.vsyako.netRamzan Kadyrov Photo: Globallookpress.com

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called for the election of Vladimir Putin President for life. He said this during the meeting with the authorities of the Republic. Video snippet of the meeting, Kadyrov has published in his Telegram channel.

“I always say: we need to elect Vladimir Putin President for life. Today who can replace him? There is no such political leader on a global scale. We should be proud of that,” said Kadyrov in the context of talking about voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

He noted that none of the 206 amendments cannot be done “for the sake of change”. According to Kadyrov, the amendments are made solely “for the sake of strengthening of the state positions to save the state.”

“I have all my family, friends, talking, saying we should all go out and vote for the amendment. If he’s not out with his family, clans, wisdom [teip and clan Association of people the peoples of the Caucasus, wird religious institution — approx. “Of the tape.ru”] vote for the amendments, he does not care what will happen tomorrow with his children,” — said Kadyrov.

Earlier, Kadyrov has commented on the phrase Putin “we have to work, and not successors to look.” The Chechen leader called the talks on this subject is unacceptable and expressed confidence that Putin needs to run for another term in 2024. This, in his opinion, contributes to the preservation of sovereignty, protection of national security against threats to the growth of international authority.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution began on 24 June. Last day of voting — July 1 — ad non-working. Among the proposed changes is the priority of Russian on international law and the right of the incumbent President be re-elected for a new term.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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