Life convicted serial rapist accidentally released


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Because of the incompetence of the employees of the probation service in the UK from prison mistakenly released a convicted person to life in prison a serial rapist who committed a series of attacks on women and children. On it informs “bi-Bi-si”.

34-year-old convicted robber Joseph McCann (Joseph McCann) was released after failure of the probation service in early 2019. An independent review led by the chief inspector of the probation officer Justin Russell stated that this occurred despite indications that McCann is a danger to the public and could commit a sexual offence.

According to inspectors, the rapist was able to conduct a series of sexual assaults after he was released from prison because of “serious failures” of the group “unstable” and inexperienced probation officers. At the moment, only one person was demoted, the report said. One of the victims McCann called the actions of the probation service “disorganized and chaotic”.

The prisoner met with 10 employees for 11 years, three different employee was responsible for his case in the months preceding the liberation McCann from prison. Two months after he left prison for 15 days last spring, he kidnapped, raped and assaulted victims aged from 11 years to 71 years in Watford, London, greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. During these two months, the probation officers saw him 10 times, most recently in April, a few days before he committed his first rape.

In December 2019 33 McCann received a life sentence for assaulting 11 women and children. The jury found him guilty on 37 counts, including eight rapes, illegal imprisonment and kidnapping.

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