Lukashenka said about the inviolability of friendship of Belarus and Russia


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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that if allowed to distort the truth about the great Patriotic war and thereby to rehabilitate Nazism, the tragedy happen again. He said this at the opening ceremony of the Rzhev memorial to Soviet soldiers, BelTA has learned.

“As soon as we forget the way to the Holy places — we will fight,” Lukashenka said and added that the monument Rzhev will be a symbol of unbreakable friendship between Russia and Belarus, a place of universal pride and admiration for the heroism of their ancestors.

It is expected that after the celebrations Lukashenko will hold talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

On 29 June it was reported that Lukashenko at a private speech before the activists of the Minsk region warned that the country may lose part of its territory and return to the borders of 1921.

In Belarus on 9 August presidential election. Lukashenko, who intends to run for a sixth term, said that the country wants to organize a revolution. He complained of foreign interference in the election campaign. According to Lukashenko, the Russian Telegram-channels distribute a “terrible fake” to discredit the Belarusian authorities.

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