Named share to meet the pandemic without the savings of Russians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

45 percent of Russians have little or nothing was saving to the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus. This proportion was named in the report of the analytical center NAFI, of the results owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

Another 29 percent of respondents said that they had some savings, but not enough during the crisis. The proportion who met the pandemic with enough savings of the Russians amounted to 26 percent.

With the financial difficulties faced 46 percent of all respondents. Of those who had savings, the question about difficulties with money during the period of isolation responded positively, 57 percent of respondents.

According to the survey NAFI, which was conducted in February and March, the loss of a major source of income for 42 percent of Russians would continue to bear the necessary expenses, not taking that money within one month. Another 26 percent of respondents — less than three months. On average, according to the Agency, saving the Russians would be enough for 63 days in case of job loss.

Only 6 percent of Russians in February estimated its position with the words “hardly can meet”, but in April their was already 11 percent. Also increased the proportion of those who reported that the products have enough money, but buying clothes is difficult (from 21 to 28 percent).

According to a survey of analysts suggest that greater priority will be the value of health, family and digital technologies. Also predicted a decline in conspicuous consumption.

In may, the Russians called the amount they need in the event of financial difficulties. According to analysts ‘ estimates, on average the so-called airbag is 350 thousand rubles. While men need a much larger “safety cushion” — 418,5 thousand rubles, while the women is sufficient nearly 35 percent less 277 thousand rubles.

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