Opponents Lukashenko shared his opinion about Belarusization and Russian language


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Rival of Alexander Lukashenko in the forthcoming August 9 presidential elections in Belarus Valery Tsepkalo shared his thoughts about cultural and language policy in the country. About this politician said in an interview with “the Ribbon.ru”.

On the question of whether he will continue the policy of Belarusization in the case, if he becomes President, Tsepkalo said that Russian language is the cultural heritage of Belarus.

“They need to develop the national language, but historically the Belarusian lands were between two rival Russian civilizations — Lithuania and Moscow. And Belarusian lands made to the development of Russian language contribution is no less and maybe more than Moscow civilization”, — the politician said, Recalling such figures as Francis Skorina and Simeon Polotsky.

According to Tsepkalo, Russian legal language used in the XVI century on the territory of modern Belarus was closer to modern Russian than the one that was used in the Muscovite state. He recalled the Statute of 1529, written in Ruthenian language, the first code of laws of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

“To say therefore that it is not our — not true. We would be poor investors who invested in the spiritual culture huge contribution, its energy, and then would say “that’s not me, it’s not mine.” There are, of course, Belarusian language, which developed parallel to and traditionally belonging to the West Slavic language branch. But that, and another is our cultural heritage, which is not something that we can’t refuse, we should make every effort to develop”, — he concluded.

On June 24 the former head of the Belarusian high-tech Park Valery Tsepkalo filed documents for registration of his candidacy for the presidency. He gave a CEC of 160 thousand signature sheets for the pass minimum in 100 thousand. Tsepkalo stressed that full confidence in the legality of all collected documents and does not see any reason why he can refuse registration. It became known yesterday that the interior Ministry has initiated preliminary examination in respect of the policy after the application of a Turkish citizen about the “illegal activities” of the party in the presidential race.

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