Party trump was accused of “toxic partisan war”


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Members of the Republican party, whose representative is the current President of the United States Donald trump, for several months boycotted the meetings of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives and actually lead a guerrilla war. In this they blamed the Democratic party, writes Politico.

As the newspaper notes, the Democrats complain that Republicans virtually do not participate in the meetings of the Committee since the introduction of the U.S. restrictions because of the spread of coronavirus. Since the beginning of March all meetings that were previously held in a secret room in the Capitol, were transferred to the online mode. However, the representatives of the party of trump during this time connected to the ether only once, on 28 April, and from eight Republican members of the Committee did only one — John Ratcliffe (John Ratcliffe). In total, the Committee has held at least seven meetings, says Politico.

In the opinion of the democratic party like the Republicans can be regarded as a toxic guerrilla war, which makes it impossible to complete the work of the Committee. “It looks quite counterproductive on their part. It looks pretty childish, but I hope they come to their senses,” said the Chairman of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives Adam Schiff (Adam Schiff).

Representatives of the Republican party, in turn, explain their refusal to participate in the meetings concerns about security issues. According to them, the information that is discussed at these meetings is of high secrecy and importance, and the online format may not guarantee the required level of its protection.

“It’s all you can hack. Why should we run such a risk?” — said part of the Committee’s Republican Nonsense Wenstrup (Brad Wenstrup). He was supported by another representative of the party Chris Stewart (Chris Stewart), noting that the actions the Republicans should not be considered as an attempt to disrupt the Committee’s work. “I really don’t think it’s a boycott. This is absolutely not something planned. I would say that we just have concerns about the format,” he explained.

At the same time, notes Politico, members of the intelligence Committee from the Republican party boycotted the meeting and before the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States. So, in February, they refused to participate in hearing on new technologies and national security.

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