Russian doctors have listed the shortcomings of health insurance system


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The main shortcomings of the system of compulsory medical insurance (OMS) are bureaucratic red tape in the provision of services and increased testing burden on doctors. Their listed Russian doctors in the survey carried out in application “the directory of the doctor,” reports owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

Respondents also identified the following disadvantages of the system, as low rates for medical assistance (reported by 71 percent of respondents), the underfunding of medical services (75%) and the difference of rates in the regions of the country, putting the Russians in different conditions when receiving medical care.

The key drawback for the system Director of the Institute of health Economics HSE Larisa Popovich called lack of centralization in the management of the funding. “Initially it was assumed that the insurance company in the compulsory health insurance system will be the filter and to authorize one or another help, but the system has not developed and now the company segments the flows of Finance and complicate the reporting system. It only confuses the system and slows down speed of reaction,” she said, noting the difference in availability of medical care in Moscow and some regions.

Among the advantages of the system surveyed physicians called security all Russians Medicaid (64 percent) and the availability of medical services throughout the country (42 percent). In addition, over a third of respondents noted the opportunity to choose a medical organization for medical insurance.

With more than half (52 percent) of respondents noted that the CHI system hinders the development of healthcare in Russia. Another 48 percent expressed confidence that the medicine in the country can develop under the MLA.

The survey involved more than 10 thousand doctors. The publication notes that the application verifies the user, confirming the presence of their medical education.

Earlier it became known that the Russians will be able to apply in clinics and hospitals only the passport without showing the policy of the MLA. Test policy will be implemented in the reception facility. “This service depends on regional policy, it is optional history”, — explained in the mandatory medical insurance Fund.

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