Russian patients after stroke will be rehabilitated with the help of Botox



Patients Kuzbass clinical cardiological dispensary, stroke, will rehabilitate with the help of Botox injections. About this TASS was reported by the neurologist of the medical facility to Margaret Ott.

“In the cardiology clinic botulinum toxin therapy is part of planned care according to indications, prescribed to patients with disorders of motor functions in post-stroke period. In our medical institution is the procedure to reduce muscle tone in the arms and legs, which facilitates maintenance, increases the amount of motion in the limbs” she explained.

According to the doctor, the rehabilitation process is more effective at increasing physical activity. While Botox injections are an important addition to massage, physical therapy and other medical treatment.

A new method of rehabilitation of patients after stroke have begun to apply and in the Kuzbass clinical hospital of emergency medical care to them. M. A. Podgorbunskogo. “Among the advantages of the method of therapy decided to allocate its safety, minimal side effects and no contraindications (except individual tolerance and myasthenia gravis) and sufficiently long duration of action”, — told in the press service of the hospital.

They added that botulinum toxin therapy is widely spread abroad and gradually began to be used in Russian clinics.

Until the end of 2024 Russia will be the national project “Health”. In total it is planned to spend more than 1.7 trillion rubles. The project aims to provide Russians with affordable health care and improving its quality, the changing nature of relations between doctors and patients, increasing to 70 percent coverage of primary prevention, introduction of modern clinical guidelines, reducing mortality from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, increase in life expectancy of Russians at the age of 78 and more.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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