Russians fell out of love with large breast size and doll appearance



In Russia since the early 1990s has changed the idea of beauty and new trends in plastic surgery. About this on air of the radio station told Sputnik star plastic surgeon Hayk Babayan.

According to him, currently, patient preference for naturalness and genuineness. “Fashion for seventh breast size, bigger breast sizes, lips, doll face shape is outdated. Everyone understood that, in particular, large Breasts — it’s unaesthetic and ugly,” — said the expert. Thus, most Russian women are asking surgeons to make a breast second and third size.

The surgeon stressed that modern technologies allow to increase the breast almost imperceptibly. “Unprofessional people generally do not notice even to the touch. Implants do not interfere and lactation. Just did and forgot. Most importantly — every year, and twice a year have to go to ultrasound,” explained he.

Babayan added that to the beginning of the new decade many celebrities have started to get rid of polymer gels that are injected for the volume of lips and cheekbones, because the face turned out deformed. In the modern era surgeons can enhance the lips so that they look natural, he said.

The most popular plastic surgery in the country remains rhinoplasty (correction of nose shape). Also high demand for the liposuction — removal of fat deposits. It is noted that this surgical intervention has become particularly vostrebovannosti isolation, when many people appeared overweight.

Informed plastic surgeon Dmitry Oenslager said that after the lifting of the isolation regime, the Russians are massively asked for plastic surgery. Russians most often think about new Breasts, and buttocks, some people get this surgery in a gift from their partners. Men are now popular surgery for correcting the shape of nose and ears.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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