Survivors of the eruption of the volcano tourist told about melting eyes hands


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Australian survivors of the eruption of the volcano on white island in New Zealand, 9 Dec 2019, said as her hands literally melted the eyes from burns. Her story publishes Daily Mail.

According to 23-year-old Stephanie Browitt (Stephanie Browitt), she went on an excursion to a volcano with his sister and father, who died in the eruption. After the accident, she had to recover six months since she received severe burns on 70 percent of the skin, and on June 29 the girl said that she would have to amputate fingers.

“I wasn’t upset. I’m just thankful that I have all left hands, because I saw what happened to them. My nails literally broke away from the fingers, the skin was peeled apart, and the ashes mingled with blood, and all body turned into a red-black mess,” recalls Browitt.

The Australian also said that every month 9 th and she still suffers from severe panic due to memories of the incident. Despite the fact that the eruption happened more than six months ago, a tourist feels as if “it was only yesterday.”

In April, tourists, survivors during the same eruption, talked about dying before their eyes people. According to Jeff Hopkins (Geoff Hopkins), who came on a tour to the volcano with his daughter Lilani (Lillani), the degree of burns of some of the victims was just horrendous. He remembered that some tourists actually remained without the skin.

The eruption of the volcano on the Isle of Wight, in which 19 people died, occurred on the 9th of December 2019. The families of the victims has filed a lawsuit against a travel company that conducted tours for travelers in that day, and accused them of negligence. As it became known later, six days before the incident, the volcanologists warned the population about the dangers of visiting the island.

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