The abovementioned advantages of the microwave before the stove and oven


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Microwave has advantages over conventional stove and oven. In an interview with radio Sputnik said the nutrition expert, doctor of biology Olga Bagryantseva.

So, the waves penetrate deeply into the food and heats it up faster, reducing the cooking time. In addition, food from a microwave oven in their internal structure and nutritional value is no different from the food cooked on the fire.

However, diet best food to cook in the microwave: in this case, the food formed a Golden crust. “It contains substances that can adversely affect human health. This is benzopyrene, benzanthracene and others,” said Bagryantseva.

The expert also recalled product that cannot be cooked in a microwave oven. So, it is impossible to boil eggs because they explode when heated, heating the products in a film, and also in metal containers under this condition, a discharge, and the microwave can burn.

Previously ecologist Anton Yastrubtsi stated that the harm from the use of microwave ovens has been greatly exaggerated. According to him, inside the oven produces electromagnetic radiation of high frequency, which leaves no traces on the food. However, the microwave oven emits weak electromagnetic radiation, like any other electrical appliance. Therefore, when a microwave is included, is to move away from it at half to two meters.

In April, the nutritionist Elena Solomatina listed products that cannot be heated in a microwave oven. She explained that vitamin C in the microwave collapses down to harmless components, and unrefined oils oxidize and become carcinogenic. Specialist warned against warming up vegetables and herbs: they can contain nitrates, which when heated turn into toxic nitrosamines. Also, do not a Greek in a microwave oven diet soda: just add the sweetener aspartame, which after exposure to high temperature turns into formaldehyde, comparable in toxicity with arsenic.

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