The beavers regained the many lakes and become responsible for the thawing permafrost



In the last few years the beavers have become increasingly emigrate to Alaska. Melting permafrost in this region was created for them comfortable conditions. Subsequently, however, they themselves become responsible for the acceleration of this process — the beavers are restoring the lakes, which are filled with warm water. To such conclusion scientists-climatologists. The result of their work published in the scientific journal Environmental Research Letters, writes TASS.

One of the authors of the work, climate scientist from the Alfred Wegener Institute Ingmar Nitze, said that over the past 20 years the area of lakes and other small water bodies in Alaska grew by 8.3 percent. It turned out that the beavers find a dry basin before the ice age lakes and build their dam. In just ten years, the number of dams in the region has increased from 94 to 409.

The scientist noted that the beavers thus recovered 56 bodies of water. Filled with warm water, they accelerate the melting of deposits of the permafrost under them. According to Nitze, similar processes occur in Canada and in other Northern countries.

The melting of the permafrost in the frozen soil would entail the allocation of large amounts of methane and carbon dioxide. In addition, it will lead to massive occurrences of natural wildfires.

Previously, scientists said that warming in the Arctic is 80 years faster than previously thought. This conclusion they made was recorded in Siberia temperatures in Yakutia Verkhoyansk the thermometer climbed to 38 degrees. The last time such temperatures were there was in 1915.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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