The Federation Council has told about changing dozens of laws in case of amendment


www.vsyako.netAndrew Closestto: Alexander Kazakov / “Kommersant”

The Federal budget and dozens of Federal and regional laws will need to change in the event of any change in the Constitution of Russia, said the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas. It was quoted by RIA Novosti on Tuesday, June 30.

According to him, parliamentarians are ready to work together with the government.

A nationwide vote began on 25 June and will continue until July 1, inclusive, which will be for the Russians off. Among the proposed amendments is the right of the incumbent President be re-elected for a new term, the priority of Russian laws over international.

Yesterday it was reported that the vote was attended by more than 35 percent of Internet users still 36.5 per cent intend to do it. Preliminary data from exit polls over the first four days of voting showed that the amendment supports 76 percent of voters, 23.6 per cent are opposed.

To make changes to the Constitution proposed in January by President Vladimir Putin. He noted that there is no need to completely change the Constitution of 1993.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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