The king of Belgium regretted the colonization of the Congo


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Belgium’s king Philip has sent to the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Felix tshisekedi, following his letter in which he regretted the “suffering and humiliation” brought by Europeans to its residents during the colonial administration. About it reports Reuters.

“I want to Express my deepest regret for the harm done in the past, the pain which arises regularly again because discrimination is still too widespread in our societies”, — the Agency quotes the letter of the king. It is reported that this is the first time in history, when the ruling monarch, expressed this spirit of the colonies.

The letter was timed to the 60th anniversary of independence of Congo — Philippe was unable to attend the celebration due to quarantine measures in connection with the coronavirus.

From 1908 to 1960, is now an independent state existed as a Belgian colony, and before that for 23 years was the personal property of king Leopold II. Without mentioning his predecessor, king Philip stressed that in that period the population of the country was subjected to a special “violence and humiliation”. He stated that he “will continue to combat all forms of racism.”

It is reported that in recent weeks in the Congo demolished and dismantled multiple statues of Leopold II. It happened amid a wave of protests against oppression and colonialism, which sold worldwide from the USA. There the protesters demolished the monuments dedicated to the leaders of the Confederation of the first presidents of the country and discovered America Christopher Columbus.

The protests have affected the Russian heritage in Sitka, Alaska is considering a proposal to dismantle the monument to the chief Governor of the Russian colonies in North America, Alexander Baranov. Opponents of the monument believe that it offends the feelings of the indigenous peoples.

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