The medical Director explained the found body bags outside the hospital in Kommunarka


www.vsyako.netDenis Pretencioso: Dmitry Lebedev / Kommersant

Filled with documents bags who found the inhabitants of Kommunarka near the hospital No. 40, was transported to a private funeral company. This was announced by the chief doctor Denis Protsenko in Facebook.

“We found that all the bodies of the dead, which was discovered in the territory of our hospital from the morgue took away a number of agents, individual entrepreneurs,” wrote the doctor.

According to him, the black bags were not the original medical records, and photocopies of the title page to identify the deceased. Protsenko assured that all originals of medical records and medical history are stored in a special archive of the hospital. He expressed the hope that the police will understand the situation.

June 28 kilometer from the hospital in Kommunarka, where treated is infected with a coronavirus, passers-by found some bags for transportation of corpses. Inside lay tags, infected blood, medical records for deceased patients. Part of the package is near the road, the other carried by the wind to the river and the homes. The townspeople attributed the finding to the clinic and took what was happening there in the video.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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