The new “buffet” after the pandemic coronavirus



Popular among tourists, the “buffet” expect major changes due to new safety requirements against the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus. This was told by representatives of the hospitality industry, writes the Mirror.

So, we are talking about the need to comply with updated health and hygiene regulations to avoid possible spread of infection.

In particular, in the organization of the process of providing a particular role to play in social distancing — it is assumed that customers will have to stand in line at a distance of one and a half to two meters from each other to fill the plate.

In addition, the movement of guests around the room will limit the precise route from which you cannot deviate, and to serve pre-cooked and portioned meals will cook in special suits and PPE.

In addition, in areas where the service will occur on the system “buffet”, will set many of the panel and are removed from General use some familiar objects — for example, containers with sauces, spices and food additives.

27 April it was reported that the Minister of tourism and culture of Turkey Mehmet Ersoy predicted the disappearance of buffets and all other open buffets in the hotels after the pandemic coronavirus. He stated that guests will be served a set menu and standards, similar to the service “a La carte”, while self-service guests will be left in the past.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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