The NYT said the publication of the secret cooperation between Russia and the Taliban


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Rahmat Gul / Reuters

The newspaper the New York Times explained the publication in which it was alleged that Moscow secretly offered related to the extremist Taliban (banned in Russia) militants rewards for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

According to the newspaper, talking about the deaths of three U.S. Marines in April 2019 in a car bombing in Afghanistan. The version of the connection between their death and the Russian willingness to provide a monetary reward to the Taliban considered US intelligence agencies.

These assumptions were included in the summary, which the intelligence agencies daily make up for President Donald trump. According to sources, this data is sent to the head of state in late February. It is noted that the American leader could miss the information because he did not always read the summary, sometimes preferring a recap of the key points.

In early may, this information has reviewed a number of intelligence agencies of the United States, between which there had been disagreement over the submitted version. Doubts about the reliability, in particular, was expressed by the representatives of the national security Agency of the United States.

On 26 June, the newspaper The New York Times, citing US intelligence agencies reported that the Russian military intelligence secretly offered to pay for the murder of American soldiers. Thus, Moscow allegedly wanted to disrupt the peace negotiations, the U.S. and the Taliban, says the publication. In Russia, accusations are called unfounded. The accuracy of the information was difficult to confirm and various American structures.

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