The pilot was named the best place in the plane for those afraid to fly passengers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The pilot of a private airline was named the best place in the airplane for passengers who are afraid of flying and experiencing turbulence. About it writes the Daily Express.

So, according to the pilot, johnny Nolan (Jonny Knowlson), where less felt shaking are located at the level of the wing of an airliner.

“Being closer to the center of the plane, you will feel his smooth motion, even if at this moment it will impact the lifting force, torque, wind, gravity, resistance and more — assured pilot.

Earlier in June, another employee of the aviation industry noted that less turbulence is felt when the passenger chooses a seat in the front of the plane. This statement was made by former EasyJet flight attendant named Matt. In addition, he suggested that nervous tourists to sit near the window because the view outside the window will help them escape.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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