The psychologist gave advice to parents of child athletes


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The life of a child who always is in professional sports turned into a prison, parents should explain to him the rules of the game. About this in an interview with NSN said Olga Tiunova.

“You cannot expect a coach “parent” relationship to you. The coach is the expert, you need, first of all, that his “expertise”. We must try not to pay attention to some of his human imperfection,” said the psychologist. According to her, the child needs to explain that he should not be afraid to tell her parents about their failures.

According to the Tiunova, to young athletes you need to convey that the main success is the success achieved through training and work on the bugs and not due to chance.

The expert also stressed that in sports from childhood has its advantages and disadvantages. Positive factors that it believes are physical training, training of self-discipline, will power and time management. Thanks to the skills the child learns to set priorities, in particular, to pay more attention to studies, I’m sure the psychologist. It can affect the roughness of the coach, destructive relations in the team, fear of losses and the inability to form meaningful tasks instead of abstract goals.

Former Russian figure skater Betina Popova complained of an unhappy childhood due to sports. She wrote that because of the training she did not have enough time neither to study nor to friends, nor first love. According to the girl, the young athletes grow up unbalanced personalities, they have almost no childhood.

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