The Russians gave advice on choosing quality kebab shop


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nicholas Khizhnyak / RIA Novosti

In the program “Test” of the TV channel “Moscow 24″, which is published with the support of Roccasecca, checked the barbecue pork produced by most popular brands. The results of the research, and advice on the correct choice of quality of the pickled product from the store came to the editors”.ru”.

Specialists checked the barbecue brands, “agribusiness”, “Suburb”, “Ismail”, “Crossroads”, “Auchan” and “ABC taste” for 57 indicators of quality and safety. All products are complied with the mandatory requirements for microbiological indicators.

The leader of the rating became kebab “Suburb”. According to experts, the products of this brand not only meets the statutory standards, but also to the progressive requirements of Roskoshestvo. The kebabs from the “Miratorg” and “Crossroads” were “dry texture” and products of “Auchan” was considered too salty. Enough soft because of the content of hydroxyproline was also recognized as the meat from the “ABC of taste.”

When choosing skewers in the marinade Russians recommended to give preference to products made in the meat plant or meat processing plant, and to ensure that the product label was necessarily full information about it. In addition, buyers are advised to pay attention to the expiration date and carefully study the composition. “It should be as simple as if you marinated the barbecue themselves at home,” — said the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Anastasia Semenova.

Earlier in June, experts Roskoshestvo tested chicken five brands. Three samples were discovered antibiotics, and in four — a by-product of chlorination chloroform. Listeria, Salmonella, bacteria, coliform and nitrites in any fillet was found.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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