The Russians were more likely to get cancer


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Over the last five years the incidence of cancer in Russia increased by almost 12 percent. This was announced by chief oncologist of Ministry of health of Russia, Director General, National medical research center of radiology, academician of RAS Andrey Kaprin, reports TASS on Tuesday, June 30.

“In Russia as a whole the increase in values of morbidity per 100 thousand of the population over the last five years was 11.9 percent,” Kaprin said. However, he noted that this increase “is not always bad”, because “it is the assessment of the quality of service.” He added that despite the increase in incidence, mortality from malignant neoplasms declined by 3.9 percent for the year.

According to Kaprina, it may be due to changes in accounting systems and statistics. He also noted that because of the coronavirus and the related pandemic by the suspension of screenings, the incidence should decline as this represents the detection of diseases.

“Of course, to fully replace the curtailed programs and screenings, we can not, despite the fact that trying to create a survey, some kind of assistance,” he added. Reduce illness, according to experts, will happen in about a year and a half, because “now these patients will be medobsledovanie”.

The most common types of cancer in Russia last year was a melanoma and skin cancer. Followed by breast cancer, respiratory system, colon, prostate. Cancer of the small intestine is considered quite rare and is one to three percent of all tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.

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