The senators encouraged the United States to extend immediate start-3


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Congress senators Dianne Feinstein and Edward Markey has called US as soon as possible to extend the Contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3) with Russia. About it reports RT with reference to the letter and the bill, which was introduced by senators.

In particular, Feinstein stressed that the extension of the agreement will lead to greater predictability in the field of nuclear weapons while Washington replaces old weapons. “The extension of the Treaty will limit the number of Russian strategic forces until at least 2026”, she added.

In addition, the extension of the start-3 will allow US to obtain information about the characteristics and location of Russian strategic weapons. For the duration of the contract, said Feinstein, Washington will have time to draft a new agreement, connecting it to China. In the document, in particular, it will be possible to add those weapons, which are not subject to the present — for example, hypersonic weapons.

To the requirements of the joined Brands. He, in particular, proposed to end not only nuclear testing, but the financing of such projects.

Earlier, Washington envoy to the US President for arms control Marshall Billingsley said that the U.S. was willing to extend the start-3 is only subject to the inclusion in the Treaty of China.

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