The woman decided to argue about masks and accidentally revealed a cunning cheating husband



Subscribers Facebook-account American TV station WIS TV began to discuss the introduction of rules, according to which the wearing of protective masks in some cities of the state of South Carolina is mandatory. In comments came from a woman named Cheryl Gilbert (Cheryl Gilbert) and accidentally learned that her husband was a sly way to deceive her.

According to Metro, one of Uzerche said that because of the mask got a skin infection. Responding to her comments, Gilbert wrote: “My husband was forced to wear a mask during a business trip, now he’s got chlamydia”. Members of the public asked the woman to clarify the diagnosis and noticed that chlamydia is only transmitted sexually, which may indicate that her husband had deceived her. Soon, however, Cheryl has deleted your post and other commentators did not answer.

Soon, under the post channel appeared dozens of entries in which people have expressed their desire to know what this story ended. “We don’t care about your arguments. We want to know how the husband of Cheryl received hlamidoz,” wrote one of the wearer. Another notice that came to the comments just to understand how Cheryl could not believe her husband.

Earlier in June, the lady Reddit shared his story of how he created a fake account on Tinder and entered into correspondence with her own husband, who secretly used a Dating app. She admitted she doesn’t know how to do it, and asked for advice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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