The woman did not see their own pregnant and suddenly gave birth to


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A resident of des Moines, Iowa, didn’t notice that she was pregnant until she was in labor. It is reported by KETV.

Dobrien Gina (Gina Dobrient) claims that he did not know about the pregnancy, and malaise blamed on a sore back. “In the past I’ve had back problems, she explains. I was just thinking that I have back lot of problems.”

Before birth, the woman felt dizziness and nausea. When my water broke, she realized that she now will give birth, and told my husband to immediately take her to the hospital. But it was too late: the child was born in the car.

A spokeswoman for the hospital Katie Goetz (Goetz Kathy) noted that the cases in which the woman does not know about her pregnancy, rare but still occur. “Amazing, everything went so smoothly and with such excellent results,” she added.

In 2019, it was reported that a resident of London took birth from herself. The woman did not know about pregnancy: the whole nine months she worked as a waitress, sometimes 14 hours a day, drank and smoked.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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