Two Russian hospitals refused stumbles on a pin child’s eye



Two hospitals in the Leningrad region has refused to help damaged eyes child — he fell off his Bicycle and impaled his eye on a metal pin. On Tuesday, 30 June, reports radio station “Moscow speaking”.

First, the child’s mother went to the hospital in the village of Pervomayskoye, but it was closed. In medical institution close to the victim also was not given medical assistance. As a result the child was hospitalized in St. Petersburg.

As reported TASS in the government of the Leningrad region, now the situation being studied. It is noted that in Pervomaisk the clinic only accepts patients with the coronavirus, so there are not even in an emergency.

On may 24, a resident of Murmansk complained about the doctors in the emergency room, which refused her medical care, and accused her of drunkenness. She has appealed to the doctors night due to severe pain in the leg, which she was supposed to do.

Previously to the Muscovite with the coronavirus was denied medical assistance due to residence in the new building.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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