China has invited US to “try” to impose sanctions on Hong Kong


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The United States can try to impose sanctions on Hong Kong because of the national security law, however, China will perceive it as a chance to show their determination. This was stated by the representative of the office for Hong Kong and Macau of the PRC state Council Zhao Xiaoming, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, if the United States is not worried that in the end will lose more than those who imposed sanctions then they should try to make it. Zhao Xiaoming said that in the United States may take such measures in an attempt to distract attention from its crisis. He also noted that China is not only determined to defend itself, but strike back.

Earlier, the Chinese government has published details of the national security law of Hong Kong, which entered into force on 1 July. The new law allows China to conduct an investigation within the Autonomous region: there shall be established a representative office of the Chinese state security organs. The punishment for terrorism, provided for him, from three years in prison to life imprisonment.

On 26 June it was reported that the U.S. introduced a new anti-Chinese sanctions because of the encroachment of Beijing on the autonomy of Hong Kong. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced that Washington introduces “visa restrictions for former and current members of CPC who are considered responsible for or involved in the undermining of the autonomy of Hong Kong.”

Britain, which until 1997 ran the Hong Kong and urged China to respect the autonomy of the region, and the United States called the law a catastrophic decision.

Hong Kong returned to China on 1 July 1997. According to the joint Declaration of China and Britain, the city was promised broad autonomy for 50 years. Due to this status in Hong Kong enjoyed a special relationship with the United States.

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