Germany urged to abandon Russian coal


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

Russian public ecological organization Ecodefense urged Germany to abandon coal from Russia. This is stated in the letter from the activists, which directed deputies of the Bundestag and its Chairman, Wolfgang Schaeuble.

The document States that the growth of coal production in Russia is conditioned by demand in other countries. For German companies, say the environmental activists of the Russian “black gold” means superprofits, but “the real price for Kuzbass is a human life.”

In Russia, 1090-ies of the use of coal dropped significantly, the letter, and the prerequisites for its increase no no. The burning of coal, say the environmental activists leads to climate change which covers all regions of the planet. The largest source of solid fuel for companies in Germany is the Kuzbass, and large-scale coal mining in the region, “causing irreparable harm to nature and health of people, primarily women and children.”

Germany has a positive experience in the development of renewable energy, in connection with which a country can abandon coal power and coal from Russia, said the environmental activists.

1 may it was reported that Ukraine has introduced duty in the amount of 65 percent on imports of coal from Russia to protect the domestic market. According to the Ukrainian state statistics service, Russia in 2019 accounted for 58 percent of all deliveries of coal and anthracite to Ukraine. In total, Kiev imported coal at $ 2.8 billion. In January and February 2020, Russia’s share in the supply of thermal coal to Ukraine exceeded 61 percent.

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