It is estimated the damage of the “Nord stream-2” due to new U.S. sanctions


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nord Stream AG 2

New US sanctions against the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” will lead to the suspension of approximately 700 million euros of investment in the completion of its construction. The damage from the new restrictions according to the press service of project operator — the company Nord Stream AG 2, reports TASS.

It is noted that the sanctions directly affect more than 120 companies from more than 12 European countries. Also new restrictions will jeopardise about 12 billion euros of investments in energy infrastructure of the EU, of which about eight billion amount to invest directly in the construction of “Nord stream-2”.

“The sanctions seem designed to increase supplies to Europe more expensive American LNG (liquefied natural gas — approx. “Of the”) by eliminating a potential competitor. In fact, without the pipeline “Nord stream-2,” European industrial and private consumers will be forced to annually pay billions more for this key energy resource,” the company said.

Earlier, the head of Austrian oil and gas company OMV, one of the investors in the project, said that thinking about timing of completion of the construction of “Nord stream-2” is premature, some estimates can be given only after the introduction of new sanctions by the USA and reaction to them in Europe.

In early June, U.S. Republican senators said that the pipeline threatens the national security of the United States, and introduced to the Senate a proposal to expand the sanctions. Lawmakers want to extend restrictions on companies engaged in the insurance of ships, pipelaying. Without insurance “Akademik Chersky”, which is currently in the German port will not be able to start work.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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