Sanctions against the “Nord stream 2” considered an attack on Europe’s economy


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has described the upcoming against the “Nord stream-2” American sanctions as an attack on the European economy. This publication reports the Handelsblatt.

The head of Committee of shareholders Nord Stream AG and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “Rosneft” declared that in a period of recession, such actions can be considered the only way. Schroeder noted that the U.S. sanctions are aimed at a deliberate break of the transatlantic partnership, as well as an infringement on the sovereignty of the EU and Europe’s energy security.

He also warned that the financial losses from the sanctions will be very significant. According to the former Chancellor, 12 billion euros of investment in European infrastructure will undergo in this case, it is at serious risk, and consumers in Europe will have to face additional costs in the amount of four billion euros per year.

Informed government sources in Germany stated that Germany will prepare a response in case the US imposes new sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. So, the German authorities are considering a plan for a coordinated response of the European Union.

USA in the end of 2019, imposed sanctions against the project of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” from Russia and Germany. They touched the companies that are involved in construction, led to the fact that the work of laying pipes was forced to stop the Swiss Allseas. Because Russia has only one pipe layer, which can complete the construction (the ship “Akademik Chersky”), completion of the project was postponed for at least a year.

In early June, U.S. Republican senators said that the pipeline threatens the national security of the United States, and introduced to the Senate a proposal to expand the sanctions. Lawmakers want to extend restrictions on companies engaged in the insurance of ships, pipelaying. Without insurance “Akademik Chersky”, which is currently in the German port will not be able to start work.

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