The former UFC fighter refused to apologize for quoting Himmler


www.vsyako.netThe hentso Gracie (right)Photo: Mohammed Salem / Reuters

A former fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Brazilian hentso Gracie refused to apologize for quoting Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler on Twitter back in 2012. It is reported by Bloody Elbow.

For the post eight years ago drew the attention of Twitter users and asked Gracie an apology. Then he quoted the motto of the Reichsfuhrer-SS “My honor is my loyalty.” Himself a Brazilian, known for his performances in the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) and One FC, has refused to do so. He admitted that he didn’t know who was the author of the quote. Around the publication appeared a heated discussion.

“Hanzo is a typical example of a person suffering from illusions of fascism and racism. They now think it’s their time. Remember how you asked me about hung Lee Himmler. This guy took poison. A shred of honor, not a drop of loyalty,” wrote journalist Josh Goss.

The hentso Gracie — a member of the Gracie clan. He heads the Academy of Brazilian JIU-jitsu in Brooklyn. Among his students is former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre. Sam Gracie is known for her performances in Pride and the UFC. In one of the most famous of his fights he managed to knock the Russian Oleg Taktarov, being the bottom.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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