Wife acquitted for the rape of the daughters of the Russians opened his version of events


www.vsyako.netPhoto by Andrey Starostin / RIA Novosti

A resident of the town Bugulma in Tatarstan, of which her husband was suspected of raping a seventeen-month-old daughter and subsequently acquitted, revealed his version of events. This was reported by RT TV channel in your Telegram channel.

According to her, the day they “argued a bit” on the phone, but quickly reconciled, after some time, the husband brought her lunch to work. Later her husband called her and said that the house “took the trouble”, but did not specify what. After returning wife from work he said that he changed his daughter’s diaper and “he did not notice what happened”, but she started bleeding. He later explained that he hurt the girl, because on his finger cracked ring.

On June 30, the woman said that the man accidentally hurt the baby, and he told her about what happened. She added that he had asked not to call the ambulance, because “knew that he would be accused of violence,” but he called himself the doctor. She stressed that the medical examination confirmed injuries, but no penetration.

The inhabitant of Bugulma suspected in the sexual abuse of a child in 2019 after his daughter was taken to hospital with injuries of the genital organs. 26 June 2020, the court acquitted the man, however, the Prosecutor’s office disagreed with this decision and appealed it, the appeal will consider on 3 July. In the process, the man confessed that he committed the crime and explained that he had lost his temper with the child because of a quarrel with his wife because he was angry. He said that caused injury to the girl when changing a diaper. The court found that the defendant had no desire to satisfy sexual needs, therefore in its actions there is no crime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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