Bill gates called the main ways of dealing with the coronavirus


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Entrepreneur bill gates outlined the main ways of dealing with COVID-19. About methods of opposition to coronavirus, the Microsoft founder said in an interview with Fast Company.

Billionaire and philanthropist noted for spectacular fight against the pandemic his charity Fund declares four approaches — vaccination, the creation of diagnostic tools, development of new methods of treatment and finding solutions to protect vulnerable COVID-19 groups. According to gates, he hoped that a working vaccine will be invented by 2021. “My dream is to 14 billion doses of vaccine and just right to open access for all”, — said the businessman.

Gates also told anyone he considers guilty of insufficient resistance society coronavirus. According to him, these include world leaders, experts in public health and those who spread false messages about this deadly disease in social networks. “Unfortunately, digital media has probably contributed to the spread of what I consider crazy ideas,” concluded bill gates.

Gates noted that worries about the fact that his name is associated with the fakes about the deliberate creation of a coronavirus. “Rumors are in the form of a conspiracy, and my name is even mentioned in some conspiracy theories, and it’s a little scary,” — said the billionaire, and I noticed that I could not wish to be in this situation to anyone.

Part of Americans believe that the founder of Microsoft is making plans to chipping of people through a program of vaccinations — sure, 44 percent of Republican voters and 19 percent of Democrats. “I’ve never had any things like microchips. It’s so hard to deny because it’s very silly and strange” — previously responded to these charges gates.

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