Concert “forgotten” stars of the ‘ 90s in the midst of a pandemic plunged America into disputes


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American rapper Vanilla Ice (real name Robert Matthew van Winkle) must conduct July 3 concert in Austin, Texas. As writes the Huffington Post, it drew attention after the city and state in late June, was recorded a significant increase in new cases of infection with coronavirus.

It is planned that the singer will perform in the institution, Emerald Point Bar & Grill on lake Travis. The event will be able to visit a maximum of 450 people, the staff will measure their temperature and call to keep a distance, said the restaurant owner. VIP tickets to a performance of the rapper worth up to $ 300 are sold out.

Users of the American segment of Twitter plunged into controversy after learning that Vanilla Ice, who in the 2010s has repeatedly called forgotten, will give a concert in the midst of a pandemic. “The last thing need to worry is the surge COVID-19 because of the crowd on the show Vanilla Ice,” wrote producer Sean Haffner. “The Vanilla Ice concert may sound dangerous, but what impact COVID-19 you really will be exposed for one song?” asked creative Director Brian Santa Maria, hinting that the only really popular song the rapper was the song Ice Ice Baby.

“We will never know whether a future surge COVID-19 in Texas the result of visiting the concert, Vanilla Ice, because no one recognized it,” joked the lady Twitter Katie Jane. “Every part of this situation is stupid. Vanilla Ice. Acts. In the year 2020. In the midst of a pandemic. And outbreaks of infection,” concluded the writer of Nigerian-American origin, Luvvy Ajayi.

Vanilla Ice 52. In the 1990s he became widely known thanks to his hit Ice Ice Baby, which became the first rap single, topped the Billboard chart. Subsequent albums never gained much popularity. Is considered the first white hip-hop artist, who achieved success.

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