Having burnt the wife of a Russian citizen pay for the education of the daughter of the deceased


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In Rostov-on-don, July 3, will begin the trial of 37-year-old mechanic Alexander Petrenko, who is accused of murder by negligence of his civil wife Natalia. This Petrenko daughter of the deceased. On Thursday, July 2, “the Tape.Roo” said the victim’s daughter, 20-year-old Elena Ksenzova.

According to Elena, the evening of 22 January 2020 Alexander Petrenko, unhappy that his wife spent the night at a friends, got jealous of her, and during the quarrel doused in flammable liquid and lit a cigarette. Hearing the screams of his mother, ran to Elena and tried to extinguish the flames.

The victim received burns to 45 percent of his body and was taken to intensive care, where he later died. Later examination has established that Petrenko poured Natalia Ksenzova ethyl alcohol. The accused said that he had set fire to his wife by accident.

He allegedly wanted to scare her, but from the lighter lit up his hand and waving it, touched the hair of Natalia. The result of the investigation division of Pervomaisky district of Rostov-on-don opened a criminal case under article 109 (“negligent Homicide”) of the criminal code. The maximum punishment which threatens Petrenko, two years in prison.

According to Elena, Natalie had three children: Elena and her brother, from his first marriage, a girl, from Alexander Petrenko. The youngest daughter of the deceased care staff was taken to the orphanage.

Elena and her grandmother, mother Natalia, tried to issue guardianship over the child, but they refused. But after a while the girl gave Alexander Petrenko — the defendant in a criminal case. Thus, the defendant prohibits the relatives of the deceased wife to visit the child.

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