In the First channel hung out the LGBT flag called “washed-up fag”


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Leading the program “Time will tell” on the First channel Artem Scheinin voiced his own classification of homosexuals, also called a “total fag” people who “hung” the flag of the LGBT community at the monument “Motherland” in Kiev. The issue, aired on 26 June and published on the website of the TV channel, today drew the attention of the media and Telegram channels.

In the first issue he invited Studio guests to discuss what the U.S. Embassy in Moscow posted the flag of the gay community. “I’ve always believed that if somewhere hanging flag something, it shows who is in there. Well, actually, if they hung out the flag, then in there as if they are”, — joked the presenter and added that the US flag from the neighborhood “wilted, or droopy”.

He also resented the fact that the U.S. Embassy not posted the flag of the LGBT community in the Islamic countries, comparing Russia with Saudi Arabia. A spokesman for the world Russian people’s Council Yuri kot added that, in his opinion, actually this flag posted “Embassy of the globalists and sodomites”, which, from his point of view, is the enemy of the United States, and Russia.

After the presenter went on to discuss the emergence of the LGBT flag on the monument “Motherland” in Kiev. He voiced his own classification of the gay community. According to him, the flag on the American Embassy in Moscow posted a gay. In Ukraine, according to Scheinin, “the flag hoisted a fag”. “Just. Goner. There is no dispute and talk about any LGBT and the rights of the gay community there. It could be done in a day only a fucking fag”, — concluded the leading Federal channel under the approval of the state Duma Deputy Alexei Zhuravlev.

June 21, in Kiev held online March for equality KyivPride. Activists flew a drone with the LGBT flag. He hovered over the monument “Motherland” so that the painting seemed to be attached to the sword, who holds the woman. Later this video is called installation.

In many countries in the month of June, “the month of pride” (Pride Month), are designed to draw attention to the civil rights of the LGBT community.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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