The girl accidentally gave all his savings to fraudsters and learned a lesson


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22-year-old girl told how accidentally gave all their savings to fraudsters. The story of how she became a victim of speculators, and what lessons were learned from this, she shared on Reddit.

The author of the post under the name Lacottrell wrote that the crooks called and said that her social security number was compromised. The scammers advised the girl to act fast, follow all the instructions and assured that otherwise it will lose all the money.

“I’m unemployed, I’m 22 years old, I recently moved across country and don’t know anyone here. I live alone. They caught me at a bad time,” admitted the author of the post and stressed that he voluntarily did all of that said crooks.

The girl said that she had about two thousand dollars. The scammers were able to convince her that the money should be spent on gift cards so they could not steal the “bad guys”. After that she dictated in a telephone conversation rooms purchased gift cards. “I can’t think of any reasons why I did it, except fear,” admitted the author of the post.

Several hours later, she contacted the company that sold them the gift cards, but the funds have already been spent. In this track, which was made the purchase was impossible. The police thanked the girl for the call and said that it has recorded such cases of fraud.

In the end Lacottrell took the money borrowed from her boyfriend and decided not to tell anyone about this story to avoid shame. “Please be smarter than me if something similar happens to you. Never perform any operation on the phone,” urged readers girl. She added that the incident was a good lesson and that she should find a job.

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