The girl uncovered the fraud guy at one detail in the picture with friends


www.vsyako.netScreenshot: @prettydreka

The wearer of the social network Twitter showed a screenshot of correspondence with the guy, which she believes captures the fact of his cheating. In the comments, many agree with the fears of a girl, the others made fun of her ability to uncover the lies of one piece.

Living in the U.S. city of Miami user prettydreka of July 1, the image published correspondence with her boyfriend. He sent her a photograph and wrote that spending time with male friends. The photograph shows him and their feet. However, she noticed that beside him one could see part of his feet with a bright pedicure. She believes that the way the guy is hiding from her who he was really.

In the comments many were amazed at the way the lady noticed such an obvious detail in the picture. “The fact that he hadn’t noticed it before sending the photo shows the difference between a man and a woman” — sure ronellexo. There were those who praised the er for care. “We girls notice everything. Sometimes we do not even need to seek out something,” wrote Issaprettygurll.

However, many users saw that so she believes in the infidelity of the beloved. “There’s a lot of boys. You’re trying to think out something, and generally insecure,” said Jtimber2000. Some noted that it could be one of the girl friends boyfriend.

Previously, Twitter users talked about the worst and most ridiculous excuses that their friends were acquitted of treason.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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