The passenger one almost colliding planes told about the incident


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The passenger of the aircraft Airbus A320, almost collided with the Boeing 777 in the skies over the Rostov region, told about the incident on Board. Details of the incident, the student of Yaroslav Tax shared with “”.

According to the passenger, in June, he flew to Moscow from Rostov-on-don flight 2126, flight time was an hour and a half. The ship departed in the allotted time, gained altitude, and at some point the pilot made some sudden maneuvers, frightened people on Board.

“I flew, everything was fine, but then the pilot made a sharp turn, the plane suddenly went to the side, gave a corner. At this point the alarm went off, dropped the oxygen masks, but we didn’t have time to put them on. I sat near the window and saw the Boeing, it flashes and seemed a little higher. Scared, to be honest, as I can crash, I’m still young, I don’t even have children,” said the student.

According to him, the crew during the flight behaved calmly: flight attendants smiled at the passengers and at the time of turn required to stay strapped in.

“Flight attendants are large clever, to their credit, when there was a sharp pilot, the plane dived down, sideways — I didn’t even understand what happened, everything was so fast — we didn’t say anything. Then again when the plane gained altitude, we were asked to push the tables and brought tea and sandwiches,” said Yaroslav Tax.

After the flight, according to him, the passengers thanked the pilot a round of applause and left the Board, not even realizing what happened.

“I thought, as we flew, as it should be, and it turns out that in that time my life hung in the balance. I would like to thank the pilots for their work”, — said the source “ru”.

As previously reported, the aircraft of S7 airlines and Emirates nearly collided in the sky, allowing in dangerous proximity. The Airbus A320 was flying from Rostov-on-don to Moscow, the Boeing 777 was headed from Oslo to Dubai.

In fact the incident is checked, during which experts will assess the actions of air traffic controllers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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