He complained purchased the Moldovan Parliament and predicted early elections


www.vsyako.netIgor Dodonpachi: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon said that the political crisis in the country can be solved only by holding early parliamentary elections. This writes the “Sputnik Moldova”.

“What [the fleeing oligarch Vladimir] Plakhotnyuk engaged in these maneuvers? He is already 23-24 MP. He wants to return to power. You know, like criminals, according to tradition? First create the problem, and then say “let me help to solve them””, said Dodon and complained bought deputies.

He promised to do everything possible to after the presidential elections that will be held on November 1, the new head of state signed the decree on dissolution of Parliament.

Dodon noted that it does not consider the possibility of negotiating with representatives of the parliamentary faction of the Pro Moldova, which United opposition to unseat the current government.

Amid the political crisis in Moldova, the opposition forces to discuss the necessity of resignation of the government, composed of appointees of the party of socialists, headed by Parliament speaker Zinaida Greceanii. At the end of June this issue was raised at the meeting of the deputies of the Pro and Moldova opposition party “blinders”. Observers consider this event the beginning of formal negotiations on the change of government.

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