In Russia after Putin’s article recalled the case betrayed Hitler Nazi


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In Russia after the publication of the article of President Vladimir Putin about the Second world war came the surge of discussions of conspiracy wing, in particular the Deputy führer Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hesse, who is believed to have betrayed the leader of Nazi Germany, without his knowledge, fly into the UK. About this in his article writes the correspondent of the newspaper “Kommersant” Olga fedianina.

According to the journalist, in his article, Putin mentioned is still not declassified materials about the “secret Anglo-German talks” and called on all States to intensify the process of opening its archives of the prewar and wartime. In connection with these words of the Russian leader appeared in the press a few statements, including about the case of Hess.

So, historian, candidate of philosophical Sciences Vyacheslav Makarov, referring to one of the adjutants of Hess, said in an interview with RIA Novosti that a senior Nazi was sent to the UK on the personal instructions of Hitler to try to persuade London to stay in the side after the attack of the Reich on the USSR. According to Makarova, separate negotiations between the Nazis and the British government at that time seemed logical.

Director of “Center for political information,” Alexei Mukhin, commenting on the subject on air of radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, also interpreted Putin’s words as a call to declassify the archives of the British that is the case of Hess. “The British have something to hide,” said the historian, without going into details.

In addition, Putin’s call for the declassification of archives has attempted to analyze the newspaper “Century” of “Fund of historical prospect”. The material on the newspaper’s website, among other things, mentioned that “by the independent British researcher P. Padfield, the negotiations of the Third Reich and England was at the highest level, and Hess is not the first time he flew to England.”

Rudolf Hess, Deputy Fuhrer of the party and one of the closest associates of Hitler, may 10 1941 alone flew from Germany to the UK to begin with the London peace talks; according to witnesses the reaction of Hitler to the news of the departure of his Deputy, the führer was furious and apparently was not aware of his plans. According to the official version, on the arrival of Hess became a prisoner of war, was imprisoned until the end of the war and therefore was not a party to any negotiations. In the framework of the Nuremberg Tribunal, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and committed suicide in 1987 the prison in West Berlin. Part of the archival documents concerning the stay of Hess in the UK, still not declassified, which causes some historians doubt the veracity of the official version.

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